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Arkk Juices

Ark is an emerging brand that is dedicated to providing you the best juices ever. They have the purest form of juices. These juices are available without any chemicals and preservatives. As the name Ark suggests, Ark is an advocate of maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is why they provide the most organic juices because of the benefits fresh juices provide. Ark juices are focused on developing a taste that will make it harder for you to drink other juices that have chemicals mixed in them. We have helped Ark with the marketing of their products. We designed a marketing strategy by keeping the need of Ark in mind.

This marketing strategy was specific to Ark and was made by catering to the demands of Ark. We have also created a brand identity for them which included the name, logo, colours, shapes and other visual elements that were used to promote the products of Ark. Moreover, we have assisted them in print marketing. We understand the part that print design plays so we have designed print marketing material that will benefit Ark by contributing to the credibility of Ark and also building brand recognition that is specific to Ark.

Client – Arkk Juices

Category – Brand Identity, Packaging, Print,